Thursday, June 19, 2008

hello yellow

Yeah I know! I know it's almost Friday and I'm only just appearing with my yellow contribution....slack. Yep. Slack.

Here's my excuses. Ready?

Spent the week trying to find childcare - not an easy task. I've decided I need to devote more time to fede as the kids day sleeps are not proving to be very productive & nights are leaving me too sleep deprived. Hopefully I've found an option and heading off in the morning to check out the centre. Wish me luck :)

Buying a house. Not at all something on the list of things to do. Don't they say things happen for a reason? I'm a big believer in this so when I saw this house and my heart almost beat out of my chest I knew instantly I was smitten. Don't want to jinx myself so won't say too much but we're making an offer tomorrow....... fingers crossed X

Not sure if that has me off the hook or not???? Next week I'll be good.
Thank you all for your comments of late. It's such a moral boost to hear from you, which is just what a busy Mum needs every now and then. Hotfudge - thanks for the tip re fusible web, I'm going to give it a try. I like the idea of the raw edges.


Elements by Dawn said...

Don't be too hard on yourself! One yellow creation is better than none. :)

I too know how challenging it can be to create with children around...I have two boys at home!

treasurefield said...

Those look great! Bright and cheery and fun...

I remember when my 2nd son was 2 and wouldn't nap anymore. I just gave up trying. Thankfully I wasn't trying to be creative at the time.

Wow! Good luck with the house; it sounds so exciting! I believe everything happens for a reason, too.

And I wouldn't worry about productivity with the challenge. It's just to spark our imaginations, right? :)

Hot Fudge said...

If I had a hammer, I'd want it to be yellow. How bright and cheerful are those tools! Hang in there with your little ones ... and don't blink, because they will be young adults in a wink, leaving you wondering where all the years went. How you can turn out such beautiful items while looking after babies is beyond me.

Oh, and good luck with the house - I know that desperate feeling all too well.

Jo said...

You have been busy! I hope things are going well with the house. Yellow has definitely been tougher than blue - but I've got lots of ideas for brown next week!


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