Sunday, June 1, 2008

janet's back

Just got home from an evening out with the olds & my Brother & his wife who are in town visiting for the weekend. After dinner (and with no little ones in tow) I headed into the late night CD shop for a leisurely browse and bought this. I think I must have been daydreaming about my younger days when I'd be out grooving on a Saturday night into the wee hours.....yup.....previous life Fee! Speaking of which, here's a little of that history....don't laugh. The band still gig here in Adelaide however I haven't been a member for 6 years (they just haven't updated the pic).

Anyways, then I came home & quickly jumped online to check my emails & BAM! Bought this. What is going on tonight??? I think I'd better take myself to bed before I hit ebay & then get really carried away!!!!

So on that note, goodnight & sweet dreams.

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