Thursday, May 29, 2008

trading, bye byes + red ears

Bit of this. Bit of that. Day at home with the kids after a busy week of activities.

I received my first trade parcel in the mail. You know how excited I get by parcels....... yup, very chuffed!
I swapped this........

for this ...from Paw and Claw Designs.

It was my first trade experience and a pleasurable one at that - Nichole is great to deal with & very very funny. During our email banter she had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion ...I love that! Crazy thing is I haven't actually worn earrings in my ears for about 8 years. I figured this was a good excuse to change that. Amazingly, and to my complete surprise these little babies slid straight into the old holes.

Little Sachin (my 17 month old fella) thought it was hilarious and couldn't understand why Mummy wouldn't play along with his yanking game??? Needless to say they didn't last in my ears for very long. In addition, my ears began to look a little red raw after the first 10 minutes. Rubes (my 2 1/2 year old gal) looked at my shiny red lobes and sympathetically said "you'll be alright Mummy" before walking off to put her rabbit "Rae" to bed.
Guess I'll have to work on the ear redness thing...probably not the best look! Despite this, the earrings look fabulous - thanks Nichole :)

We also farewelled these tools today. They're on the road tonight to the Euroa Butter Factory to hang out and socialise for a while at the bar. A bit of subtle networking may be required by these four if they want to find themselves new homes! Goodluck guys.

ps. Nichole - please note my red ears are in no way any reflection on your earrings....... they are beautifully crafted and fine quality. My ears are just being precious!


Mandi said...

Oh what a great trade - those earrings are so pretty! I'm a tom boy at heart, but since coming to Etsy I've "acquired" 3 new pairs of earrings from other Etsy sellers and I've made a few of my own! I can't help it, there's such talent on Etsy!

Great blog!!

loriotndorr said...

i'm about to get my first trade. i'll have to blog about it too :) you have a lovely blog and what a great trade you!


Caitlin said...

I've seen your tools on etsy and they are so adorable!

Nichole said...

Thanks for the feature, Fiona!

Dangly earrings & kids hands don't mix to well. Little Allison's Mom will learn that.

I've discover long necklaces and kids are also a no-no ;)

I can't wait for her new hammer rattle, it will be just perfect!

leslie said...

hi! so glad you left a comment so i could find my way here - i LOVE your toys and am adding your blog to m y bloglines right now so i can keep up with your creations : )

Melanie said...

I love your little FEBE tags on your toys. I'm always looking for something like that but haven't ever found any that I really like.. can I ask where you got yours please? :)

fede said...

Hi Melanie
I had them made by GARMENT LABELS AUSTRALIA T. 0395273836 - they are in Melbourne. Funny - I've sent so many people their way I should be getting a commision!!


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