Wednesday, June 4, 2008

sorted, finally!

It's a good feeling when you finally get around to completing tasks that have been outstanding for...well...let's just say way too long. I've managed to accomplish a couple of these over the last few days.

1. Finally managed to get myself on Flickr. Hey, everybody's doin' it. I read a few positive comments in forums regarding the use of Flickr so thought I'd give it a go. See my new flashy Flickr link in the left column (about half way down)....pretty isn't it! Still got many more photos to add but it's one step at a time so keep checking back.

2. I FOUND THE BATTERY CHARGER.......yippeeeeeeeee. I know it doesn't sound such a big deal but believe me it has been driving me crazy!!! Finally I can get back to taking realms of photos of the kids (I used to keep such a great record of their growth & development).

Banana Smoothies today. I've just discovered that using frozen bananas makes the smoothie a thicker consistency. kids were pretty happy with the result!

1 frozen banana
vanilla yoghurt

Oh..and you have to drink it through a straw :)


Caitlin said...

Sweet! How old's your little man? He looks about the size of mine. Those smoothies sound goood!

fede said...

Hi Caitlin
Sachin is almost 18 months - I love this age! He's trying to talk & learnt to do a sommersault yesterday...LOL
Be sure to give those smoothies a go :)


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