Tuesday, June 10, 2008

it's new, it's blue

The colour challenge has begun and this week it's all about BLUE. The list of participating Colour Challengers is growing (see links in LH column) and I'm already excited to see what others will come up with over the next 6 weeks. Be sure to pop over and check out their diverse creations as we go. Infact Jo is already off to a flying start.

Here is my first BLUE entry for your review. I think he's a giraffe kind-of guy, but then you may see something else in him? (Any name suggestions?) The fabric on his face is one of my favourites - I only had a small piece that was just big enough. It's a Ralph Lauren sample that I've had stashed away from my days working in the Furnishings Fabrics Department in London's Harrods (we're talking 1997 here).

I usually machine stitch the features on the face but last night I forgot to do this before I sewed him up. Oops! Recovery - I hand stitched his nose, mouth & eyebrows. I think the red mouth is not bold enough & gets a bit lost on the patterned fabric. The machine satin stitch would have been more pronounced. It doesn't look too bad does it??? It's a bit of a made-up stitch.... can't say I'm the world's best hand sewer. I've been meaning to buy one of these embroidery circle things for quite a while since I saw this (and ofcourse that would then make me the world's best hand sewer!)

So anyway, there you go. My first BLUE creation. DH questioned Mr Giraffes BLUE-ness.... I questioned DH's colour blindness ;)


Anonymous said...

Oh, i love Mr. Giraffe, especially with his legs crossed. Cuuuute!

I was on the same brainwave, wanting a bit of contrast with the blue.

Off to post my work (I'm a little slow), but thanks so much for including me in the challenge! :)

Jo said...

He's definitely blue - and cute! I love his big ears.


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