Wednesday, May 28, 2008

wishlist minus swedish horse

It's my birthday next week & I've decided to create my very own wishlist. You know how it quite often want (not necessarily need) for things, but as soon as someone asks "what would you like for your birthday?" go blank. That's what happens to me anyway. Honestly, I would prefer people wouldn't ask me that question as I like surprises. I like it when gifts are of the thoughtful kind. Big or small is fine. $ value is not important. As long as there has been a little bit of love involved I'm happy!

So if anyone in my family is reading this (brownie points to you) be sure to communicate with each other as it would be a shame to duplicate when you could get this, this, this or this, this or this or this, this, this or this...OK OK I'll stop now. Hey...what's a girl to do when there is just so much out there????

Oh I also wanted to have this vintage Swedish Horse on my list but it sold. Bummer.

Changing topics. Maybe one day I will manage to locate my battery charger so I can take some new photos. Posts are so boring without images! Over the last couple of weeks I have managed to raid all of those annoying toys and in turn kill every single battery that can be found in this house (including the DVD remote control which I'm now regretting) sorry kids...Mummy will make it up to you. Tomorrow is the day for conquering those damn boxes!!


Anonymous said...

you could have posted this before I bothered to find you something else on etsy! the package from AJ and myself should be arriving soon from Greece! Hehe.

fede said...

Thankyou so kindly little sister...I love the way that you are so subtle ;)

Greece hey????? mmmmmmm...


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