Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm back....& sewing again

How I've missed you my little blog!!! Sorry for being so absent over the last few weeks.

The move is almost over...just a few more boxes to unpack. This is the current state of my workspace.....aaaahhh! Where are my favourite scissors & my battery charger??????

Good to be home in Adelaide. Even better to feel that we've made the right decision to move. Yay!

The Autumn Harvest Exhibition is just around the corner and I still have much work to do. I have managed to be a little productive while in between houses and took advantage of my Mum's Janome sewing machine. To be honest, I'd be happy with my vintage Bernina 730 any day - she's just a good ole' solid, steady piece of machinery that I have grown to love & cherish.

Thought I'd show you a couple of cushions I've completed for the Autumn collection (yes it's Autumn down on this side of the world). Don't you just love these over sized red buttons? I've been saving them for something special. The button holes challenged me somewhat on Mum's machine - they were bigger than the machine foot so required a little fudging....we got there in the end though.

The next one is not quite finished and I'm hoping you can help me out. I got to this stage in the early hours of the morning & while suffering brain drain couldn't make a decision. The centre of the stitched circle needs a little embellishment (in my opinion anyway - you may disagree). I'm swaying between one big bird in the middle (in the charcoal wool fabric shown on the reverse), or a series of 4 little birds sitting on a line just below the middle. What do you think???? I'd love your comments - any alternative ideas are also most welcome :)

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Anonymous said...

I ran across your blog in the Etsy forums and took a peek - very cute blog and beautiful the stitched design on your pillows...a birdy in the middle would be very cute.


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