Saturday, May 10, 2008

dancing delores

Mum & I had a little brainstorming session a while back and reminisced about childhood toys & techniques. Mum remembered making these dolls from scrap wool as a youngster & created one to show me. I've never seen them before and marvelled at the simplicity.

They are made from looping wool in 2 directions and then tying and cutting the ends to suit. You can make them in all sizes - tall, short, thin, round. We had a lot of fun and named this lovely lady Delores.

At this stage I haven't introduced her to my Etsy shop as she would look a little lonely on her own amongst the building tools. I'm wondering if she is a desirable design in the highly competitive selection of dolls already on Etsy. Admittedly there's a little bit of improvement & tweaking required before she's ready to go public (in particular her face) but me thinks me could have a lot of fun with the Woolly Dolls!!


The Nature Nut said...

Delores is cute! I've made those before and they're really fun to do.

Sandra Baraci said...

Now that lil dolly is cute! looks soft and cuddly and fun to play with

Tizzalicious said...

How cute!

My sister and I used to make dolls too, but I can't for the life of me remember how and what we did. Or what they looked like!


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