Saturday, April 19, 2008

etsy action

There's not a whole lot of production happening in the fede workshop at the moment. Instead every free moment I have is spent packing boxes...and boxes.....and for a change, more boxes! I had a moment of clarity this evening when I looked in Sachin's very sparse bedroom and realised that he still had everything there he needs. Why do we collect so much STUFF? My thinking right now is that I'll be rutheless with the unpacking and ditch anything that is not necessary. Secretely between you & me however, this will never happen because I'm a sucker for beautiful things.

So speaking of beautiful have a look at Hooty the Owl I purchased last night on Etsy from MellyAndMe. Isn't it just adorable? I think it will look perfect in Abbie's nursery (my friend Kathy's new baby girl). MellyAndMe also have a fabulous blog which you must take a peek at!

I found their Melbourne shop through the ShopLocal feature on Etsy. Typically I had left my purchase really late and couldn't wait the week or so to recieve an international parcel. In doing this search I found a ton of fantastic work on Etsy from Melbourne. Go check it out for your local area.

My other recent Etsy purchase is this ring from Zahour Jewelry. Dean and I just celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary and this was my gift to the man. He has wanted a replacement wedding band for the last few years (yes not very sentimental) as his style has changed. I found this ring and thought it would be perfect as he likes things that are simple & clean, yet a little bit different. We had it made in white gold with the satin finish. Sadly on arrival it was a little too big so we have returned it to Nicole for re-sizing. Dean is impatiently waiting for his baby to return!!! This is Nicole Zahour's description of the ring which just won me over.
"Originally I custom made this ring for a friend for his 20 year wedding anniversary. It turned out so beautiful that I had more requests for it. The "O" in the center of the ring means "Eternity" and represents their eternal love and respect for each other. It is simple and elegant."

On the sales front these little hammers are the most recent movers from my etsy store. It's looking a little sad over there as there has been no new stock for quite a while. I've got so many new ideas sketched out and in my head - I just can't wait to get my sewing machine out again after the move. Got those twitchy twitchy fingers happening!!!

Meg from Elsie Marley contacted me to let me know that my baby tools have been featured on apartment therapy: the nursery woo hoo. Thanks Meg. Check out her little diggers which are also featured...they are very cool!

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Babyleila said...

Congratulations on being featured at Apartment Therapy! Wow! Can't wait to see what else you dream up...


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