Sunday, May 11, 2008

calm mothers

I'm yelling out to all you Mums who sit up blogging, creating &/or reading into the wee hours of the morning like I do. Happy Mothers Day to you! I don't think I'm alone???? 10pm and my brain kicks into action....the house is quiet......time to think......time to chat in forums & meet interesting people. The only downside is the 6am alarm singing "Maaammmaaaa, Maaammmaaa" (that's me impersonating my 17 month old son).

Had 4 generations of women in the house today for lunch. GranNan (90), Nanny (61), Me (36), Ruby (2). I love's so cool. I love that we can do that now that we are back in our home town. Mum dropped by on Friday with furniture polish in hand....she came to clean my piano! Whoa. Totally OK with it, in fact I say bring it on. Piano looks fab! Thanks Mum xx

This was my gift today from the kids & Dean. Mmmmm.... is there a not very subtle message behind this????
Oh well, I have broad shoulders! In fact, I admit to probably needing a bit of calming after the chaotic last few weeks.
The book is titled "Buddism for Mothers - a calm approach to caring for yourself and your children" by Sarah Napthali. I like the first paragraph of the blurb on the back page.
".....yet parenting books invariably focus on nurturing children rather than the mothers who struggle to raise them. This book is different. It is a book for mothers"

Hopefully it will be a good read. The reviews I've seen a mostly positive so I'm feeling optimistic that it will inspire me with new ways of thinking. My constant challenge is balancing life as a full-time Mum to 2 toddlers while creating a business that I'm passionate about. I think it's important to be fulfilled personally in order to be a happy person for your family, but it's very easy to become sleep deprived in the process which can equal grumpiness! I'll let you know my findings when I finish the book.

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Jane @ Kidzarama said...

Wow! You work like I do. Laaaate.

I have an alarm like yours, too. Mine is 4yrs old though, and wakes me with wet squishy kisses and gentle patting on the cheek. ~Took some training, though!


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