Tuesday, May 20, 2008

granny chic

I read an article in a magazine recently which discussed the current Nana Trend. It struck me that this is quite accurate and furthermore, I am smack bang in the middle of it. I looked at my wardrobe and found dresses, cardigans, sensible shoes & be prepared....sensible underwear. I am Nana! I googled it and found the terminology "Granny Chic". I like this a lot.

How about Etsy? Now that's Nana Trend to the max. Knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery, quilting...it's all there. How great that we can embrace these wonderful crafts and recreate them in a contemporary fashion that appeals to the new generation. I never would have imagined myself looking at quilting books a few years ago - in fact I thought it was the most horrible craft out there. Those revolting floral print fabrics....uuuurrrgh.....I hated it. Now, I'm looking at it through new eyes.

Check out these adorable crochet hats at babai alainn . How about Carol's great bags over at Yorktown Road, hand knitted clothes at Belkemp or this smocked little girl's dress at AnnaFabo. Wow and this fabulous quilt at StichinDye. There are so many talented artists & crafters on Etsy all using traditional skills to create "now" looks & fashions.

All I had to do was look at the latest thing I made ..... oh yeah....Granny Chic! Chandeliers, flowers, chenille (think grandma's bedspread).....and the reverse sides are brown velvet.


gretchenmist/belkemp said...

hi fiona,
thanku for including me in this post. i'm very flattered. i know exactly what you mean re what you thought you'd be into – i just bought a crochet book i looked at only 12 months ago and thought then oooh, not for me!

XaManZ¨ said...

ohhh... your creations are very beautiful!!


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