Tuesday, April 15, 2008

short break

Just got back last night from a few days in Canberra, the Capital City of Australia. I thoroughly recommend a weekend away the week before you are about to move house....it does wonders! It has probably been the most relaxing, restful few days I've experienced in a couple of years - perfect timing! Aaaahhh....the calm before the storm.

So 2 of the 4 days were spent on the road travelling the 650km trip between Melbourne & Canberra. The way there was bliss...sleeping kids & plenty of time to make phone calls & write lists of all the things to do before we move. The way back was a different story - not one that you would care to hear about. Let's just say that the final 2 hours of our journey were a little challenging with screaming kids in the back seat (OK so maybe that bit was not so relaxing).

The highlight and purpose of the trip was on Sunday when Dean completed a 50km ultra-marathon. I know what you are thinking! To the majority of us "sane" people (who struggle to run to the corner), it does seem a little OTT to want to push oneself to that extreme. As the wife of an endurance athlete (it used to be triathlons), I truly admire the determination and self-motivation required to both physically & mentally compete & train for these events. I honesty don't have the inbuilt drive to push myself to that extreme....my brain would otherwise convince me it's time to stop and that I have made a great effort even if I only reached half way! It's just not in me. So anyway, well done Dean! He ran the marathon (42km) in 3 hours & 9 minutes, and completed the 50km in 3 hours & 50 minutes.
Other things of interest in Canberra for the Dyer family.
  • National Museum of Australia is not only a great museum but also a brilliant building designed by Melbourne Architects Ashton Raggatt McDougall. These guys really like to push the conservative boundaries and have created some very exciting, graphically strong structures. Check out their website & portfolio of work.

  • the jumping pillow at the tourist park ......the picture tells it all

  • kangaroos bouncing past the bedroom window in the morning when I opened the curtains

  • day naps......zzzzzzzzz

  • jumping in puddles (another one for Ruby)

  • sketching & thinking time in the car

  • cylindrical concrete Canberra Bus Shelters
  • feeding the ducks & quiet time out of the city

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Classic Hound said...

Your trip sounds wonderful (except for the screaming in the car of course - I know how that goes!) Your post inspires a trip to Australia......one of these days!

Congrats to your husband for a race well run.


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