Thursday, April 10, 2008

4 things

I got tagged by the cheeky Katy from I'm a Ginger Monkey, and well, have been a bit slack in getting this up & posted. So here we go!

4 Jobs::

  • Checkout Chick - high school & uni days at "TimeSavers"

  • Piano Teacher - 10 years of teaching in my parents back room, just covered the cost of my uni bar/drinking expenses :)

  • Kitchen Designer on 100% commission...tried it 3 times....sucker for punishment

  • Commercial Interior Designer - specialised in retail's the most fun!
4 Favourite Movies::

Pulp best best...gotta love the Burger Royale baby!

Reality Bites / Zoolander (equal 2nd)...BenStiller, Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke - love them all.

Moulin Rouge (has to be seen on the big screen)

Snatch / 21 Grams (equal 4th)

4 Places I've Been::

  • almost to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro (altitude sickness won the battle)

  • stranded in Varzo (northern italy & switzerland border) when combi van caught on fire - no english speakers in town. spent 3 days enjoying lots of spaghetti bog, gelato, short blacks & chocolate while figuring out what next???

  • swimming with reef sharks at Coral Bay in Western Australia

  • Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic - most beautiful town I've seen

4 Places I've Lived::

  • Adelaide, South Australia

  • Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

  • London, UK

  • Combi Van (Europe) for 6 months
4 Favourite TV Shows::

4 Favourite Radio Programmes::

Don't listen to the radio much...but I can name 3 programmes I enjoy all from 774 ABC Melbourne -

Far out I must be getting old if that's all I can come up with?????

4 Favourite Foods::

This is hard!

  • Crayfish / Morton Bay Bugs

  • Chocolate

  • Pastries with custard or lemon of ANY sort

  • Anything cooked by an old Italian mama
4 Places I'd Rather Be::

My honest answer is that I'm happy anywhere as long as I have Dean & my kids. However if I was to chose anywhere in the world I'd say....

  • New York City (only spent 1 week there on holiday but love to go back)

  • Portafino, Italy

  • Paris - to shop if I had lots of money

  • Denmark - I love the simple approach to design & the lifestyle

So there you go. Time to pass the baton to another 4 bloggers........


nicoleleeartistry said...

I love when people get tagged! I love reading more and knowing more about the people I am following blogs of. :) Thanks for sharing!

Katy said...

Brilliant answers. I love Reality Bites too, I'd forgotten all about that film til now! Think I might have to go and rent it....

meg said...

I promise I'll get to this soon! I just wanted to pop in and tell you you were featured on apartment therapy: the nursery. yay!


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