Tuesday, March 11, 2008

whippet GOOD treasury

I finally got my whippet GOOD treasury up on Etsy. It is dedicated to my slinky boys, Benet (top) and Rogan (bottom). I think perhaps it is a token effort to rid my guilt's about not taking them for many walks since the 2 other kids have arrived on the scene. Prior to this "the boys" as we call them, were the love of our lives and got all of our attention. Don't get me wrong...relatively speaking they still have a pretty cruisey life.... sleeping on our bed all day, gourmet meals (kids left overs) and a lambs wool blanket on the sofa or a royal plush dog bed in our room to sleep in at night (it's their choice!). So anyway, here's to "the boys" (pictured in their youthful puppy portraits - they are now almost 6 years old)

So anyway the treasury is now up and around for another 2 days so pop over to Etsy and take a look. For those of you who are quizzingly thinking "what is she on about?", a treasury is a collection of 12 of your favourite items generally grouped together by a theme. Every etsy buyer & seller has the opportunity to create a treasury to showcase the work of others (it is not intended for self promotion). There is usually no less than 333 treasuries listed at one time. It is easy to spend hours in there browsing around and discovering new & beautiful items & sellers that you haven't before found. Several times a day the etsy team select a new treasury to display on the front page which is like striking gold (for the sellers who have been showcased). I know, as I have been on 3 front page treasuries and it is amazing how much traffic comes your way.

treasury tips - follow this link if you need some assistance on how to accomplish a treasury ...also the poster sketch tool is great!

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Classic Hound said...

AWESOME!!!! Congratulations! And thanks for including Classic Hound!

And for the helpful hints on treasury navigation. :)


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