Friday, March 14, 2008

sketching in the bathroom....doesn't everyone?

Mmmmm...given I'm still a bit of a newbie in the world of blogging I'm finding myself constantly blog hopping from one intriguing post to another. So what's the trick to regaining my life away from the machine???? There is so many fabulously entertaining people out there with a lot to say - all of which seems to interest me (even the kind of weird sites fascinate me ...I've always been a bit of a people watcher - I think blogging is just a new form of this).

Anyway..what I'm getting to is that I'm spending way too much time reading about everyone else and not enough time posting here. Not only that, but I have an exhibition to prepare for which starts on the first weekend in April and in true FiFi style (that's me) it is still in my head. Over the last 3 years, friends of ours have been converting the Euroa Butter Factory (1.5 hours out of Melbourne, Australia) from a derelict building into a contemporary function space with warehouse-style accommodation. It has been an absolute labour of love & produced a lot of blood, sweat and tears (literally), but so SO worth it. They have just found out that they will be featured on Postcards (an Australian tourism & lifestyle television series) which is very exciting. I have a wee soft spot for the project as I had a little involvement with interior design concepts & planning documentation.

So anyway....I'm really getting very sidetracked tonight......the exhibition is to be held at the Euroa Butter Factory and is called Autumn Harvest. It is a celebration of work "using Autumn to celebrate life and good fortune". I'm planning to have a collection of cushions to exhibit (and sell) and tonight put my first pen to paper in an attempt to extract the ideas from my head. The kids bath-time can be a very productive thinking time for me & occasionally I'll take a pen & paper in there for a sketch or two. Voila....tonight I exit the bathroom with first designs!

I'm feeling a bit excited now & having bad thoughts about sitting up all night and sewing with my scrumptious autumny fabrics (which I've already laid out on my workbench)........ aaaawwww don't do it! I'm already way too sleep deprived and have to be up early tomorrow to have my haircut at 8am. Can't look like death in the salon amongst all those young fresh-faced stylists!!!!!
Stay tuned.

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Artisticle said...

I have never sketched in the bathroom, but now that you mention it... I think I might try it. I thought my obsession with sketching in bed was odd. I always love waking up with Sharpies rolling around in my bed.


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