Sunday, March 16, 2008

new cushion + 1 sore finger

It's so good to be creating cushions again. I've been spending all my time recently working on the kids tool range and neglecting to pay any attention to my pillows. But we're back! Today I knocked off the first design of a new collection for the up and coming Autumn Exhibition (see previous post). I'm feeling very inspired to keep the ball rolling.....if only there were more hours in the day!!!!

I once worked with a girl who wished that she could open a hinged door on her stomach and place food in rather than waste time consuming it on her lunch this is a little weird....but it would be helpful if you could take a pill to make your body think that you have had 8 hours sleep. Come to think of it....there probably is????

My other big accomplishment today (other than attending the "Kids Arty Farty Fest" and melting in the 36 degree heat) was sewing my finger to the Bernina. Don't ask me how I did this but I did. The needle snapped off in my finger and Dean had to pull it out. I was contemplating sharing a photo of my sad & sorry middle left digit but reconsidered. I figured it was probably a bit morbid and not such a good idea if I want anyone to come back & visit me again!

I'll be putting some of these cushions into my shop for sale in mid to late April.


elisebeth said...

What a beautiful cushion! You definitely need to have these in your shop. :)

leslie said...

this is gorgeous!

Nature's Corridor said...

I love it!

Cicada Studio said...

Very nice! Will we see more?


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