Sunday, October 14, 2012

KCWC | Spring Stripes

Did it! Last day today of the Kids Clothes Week Challenge. You should check out the Elsie Marley flickr pool to see what all the creative folk have been making. So, so totally inspiring to see the work of many talented mums sewing for their kids. If only I had the drive to keep this going. Having said this, Friday night DH came home from work and said "geez, glad you don't sew like this every week!". Not sure if you could visualize the mess that our house was/is in (I'm currently trying to get through 6 loads of catch up washing....uuugh). I'm not very good at multi tasking when I have a focused goal. Infact, I have blinkers on and can only think about that one thing - particularly if it is something that I am passionate about!

Anyway, I'm sure the family can cope with it twice a year. Thanks again Meg!

I made these Hipsters from Slimsters pants again for Sach like these and these. He's such a slim fellow and the pattern fits him perfectly. This time I changed it up a little by adding some bits - boy bits - buttons, tabs and a leather panel.

Admittedly, they are way too long but I wanted to allow for those growing legs. They're the kind of pants that look fine rolled up in the summer with a pair of thongs (or flip flops, as you guys in the northern hemisphere call them).

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