Friday, October 12, 2012

KCWC | polka dot pjs

I was all prepared to start a pair of pants for Sachin last night, when at bedtime Ruby couldn't find a pair of pyjama pants to wear that weren't either too short or ripped across the knee and threadbare. Ka-ching! went my brain. I finished the bedtime routine and bolted into my sewing room to find that yard of red polka dot flannelet I remember buying last year to make a cot sheet for Quinn (which is/was still on the list of things to do).

Pulled apart an old pair of retired Pjs to copy, and added a couple of inches as this kid is growing like a wildflower! Spring is here (so we're told although still waiting for some warmer weather) so these ones will go away very soon for next year.

They passed the lounge test!

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