Friday, November 11, 2011

in the mail....

You know I love parcels. Yesterday's mail was exciting.

Firstly I opened an envelope to find this stunning printed fabric so beautifully packaged from Belinda Kemp (aka gretchenmist). My desk is covered in all things blue and green at the moment so these fabrics continue the theme.

The other letter that came in the mail was from the school to say that Sachin is due to start his transition visits in 2 weeks. Awwwww... my little boy going to school! How did that come around so fast? I recall having a conversation a couple of months ago with another mum and saying that I really questioned whether he would be ready to go when he turned five. It's amazing how all of the sudden they develop emotionally and seem so much older in the last term of Kindergarten.

I remember exactly the same thing happening with Ruby before she started school. So young Sachin will be celebrating his 5th birthday in a few weeks and no surprises here, it's going to be a Lego party (remember the t-shirt). No complaints from me. I think it sounds like super fun and there are a stream of ideas running through my head! I've just ordered some of these for the party (favor) bags - aren't they great :)


Chloe said...

oo i love getting new supplies in the post (^_^) & those little lego men soaps are so cute! great idea =)

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

the skates look fun! hope the party is excellent!
thanks so much for sharing the fabric here :)


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