Thursday, September 22, 2011

ruby's 6 year old birthday party

It twas a gathering of witches and wizards (fairies, superheroes, princesses and turtles) for an extraordinary celebration.

Ruby is mad for Harry Potter and requested a party to suit. We generalized it into a witches and wizards type party to accommodate the 6 year old crowd. She was happy with that, particularly as Mum promised to kit her out as Hermoine Grainger. Yay Mum! 
Ruby as Hermoine Grainger from Harry Potter. The shirt and skirt were op-shop finds (thrifted) as was the tie which then received a dodgy gold paint job. The robe I made the night before using this simple tutorial
Broomstick Take Home bags (Favours)
"How many kids fit on 1 trampoline" impromptu game while waiting for everyone to arrive
Hali's magic show

Ruby is not big on sweets so we made individual witches hat cupcakes (with the Harry Potter lightening scar) for each child to take home

We played our version of the "Sorting Hat" scene from Harry Potter. In turn, each child sat on the chair and picked a card from a brown paper bag.  The talking hat (AKA DH) then announced in a funny voice which house the mini witch/wizard would belong to. We used the Hogwarts House names - Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff
Egg and spoon race
Another impromptu game (DH was running this part of the party) titled "see how far you can throw the boiled egg" Of course the kids thought it was hilarious!

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