Monday, September 19, 2011

first quilt attempt

I've been admiring and bookmarking so many gorgeous quilt creations on the web for a long time now. Quilting is not something I have tried before - not through lack of interest - more the fact that it requires commitment and patience. Not my best attributes these days. Infact, I joked to DH last night that fussy, pedantic Fiona has morphed into slap dash Fiona! How did that happen? Oh yeah, life got busy.
The funny thing is how I happened to be making this here quilt. Not planned, just accidental and on a whim. Yeah baby, that's how it goes these days. Out on a Saturday morning with the kids sport, I left hubby and took baby Quinn for a walk. On our travels I found myself meandering through Tricia's Discount Fabrics and deciding that the collection of random fabrics I had in my hand would become a playmat. So here it is. Random. No technique. Making it up as I go along!


Gillian said...

I will have to visit Trish's as I'd never been there and thought they only had dress fabrics.
Not far from us either, so we must be almost neighbours (unless you go for really long walks!).

Scrap Happy Mum said...

Well done Fiona! Love the colours & patterns :-) if you every want to try traditional patchwork quilting, give me a call :-)


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