Saturday, July 2, 2011

handmade toy sale... bag a bargain!

Today it bit me.... you know....the "I need to start creating again" bug. If you add the almost 12 weeks since Quinn was born to another 6 months prior of pregnancy fatigue, you get a long period of little action in the sewing room. On inspection, my poor neglected Etsy store had 3 items left for sale as the rest of the stock had expired and dropped off. My friend De recently enquired about a few hammer rattles for baby gifts and on inspection I discovered a box of finished toys and a handful of WIPs waiting on my desk. Sitting here today, my hands felt all twitchy as my eyes excitedly reconnected with the neatly stacked fabric on the shelves (an obvious sign that there has been little love here since relocating my sewing room to make way for Quinn's Nursery). My heart raced and my palms felt sweaty! It was time. Time to reconnect with my old Bernina 730.

Also time to clear out some stock and make way for new creations that are wanting to be released from my head. Hence the SALE that commenced this afternoon in my online shop. Everything is 20% off until sold. In the next few weeks I hope to be listing a batch of new designs in the shop for a fresh new look.

To answer a few frequent questions.

  • Yes, I ship worldwide. Prices are quoted under each listing in my online store 
  • The shipping/postage price is the same flat rate for up to 3 toys (the more you buy the better value)
  • All prices quoted are in US dollars 
  • Everything is handmade by me
  • Fabrics are a combination of new & vintage
  • Custom designs can be made but these are not included in this sale

Hammers and Spanners $20 now $16 each + postage

Tool Sets $38 now $30.40 + postage

First Utensils $50 now $40 + postage (other colours available - please drop me a line to enquire)

Forks N Spoons $36 now $28.80 + postage

First Lollipops $20 now $16 each + postage

Fairy Wands $20 now $16 each + postage

Creatures $35 now $28 each + postage

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