Wednesday, June 29, 2011

will we won't we?

Just got back from a few days in Melbourne where we managed to squeeze in.... a night out at The Burlesque Hour, shopping in the city, visits to the Melbourne and Scienceworks museums, lunch in Federation Square, walking, playing and ferris wheeling at Birrarung Marr, dinner and sleepover with friends, a stroll around Williamstown and  breakfast at the highly recommended Duchess cafe in Spotswood. Thanks Auntie Loz and Heather for kindly making room for all of us in your home! We love Melbourne..... ***sigh***

Note to myself for future reference. We spent a great deal of discussion time talking about the pros and cons of relocating back to Melbourne (where we lived for 6 years and returned to our home town of Adelaide 3 years ago). In summary, we concluded that the positives and joy of extended family (parents/grandparents) around us out-way the thrill of living in the big city at this stage in our life. The return to Melbourne shall be something to ponder again perhaps in a few years.


magical_m said...

Sounds like you packed a lot in! Did you take the kids to Artplay while you at Birrarung Marr? A couple of my friends work there and it's the greatest place.

fede said...

oooh... just googled "artplay" - it looks fabulous .... I had never heard of it before now.... it shall have to be on the next trip's agenda :) thanks!


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