Thursday, March 10, 2011

things are happening

5 weeks & 1 day to go..... not that anyone is counting!

Back a few weeks ago I had a set back when my pelvis "shat" itself. Doubled over and almost not able to walk the doc & physio told me I would probably be that way for the last 8 weeks of this pregnancy. Cripes!! How the hell was I going to get Ruby to school every day and Sachin to half days at Kindy 4 days a week??? Thankfully weekly massages, a pelvic brace and a belly support stocking have held this old body together long enough for whatever happened to my pelvis to temporarily recover. Phiew. Hopefully I'm not going to jinx myself here, as things are now back on track (body wise that is).

As I'm managing so well to neglect you my dear friends, I now resort to summarizing my last few weeks.

  • baby has turned...head down... woohoo!
  • spent 3 wonderful days going solo in Melbourne with my sister Lorrin, her partner Heather & my dear friend De... facials, op shopping, vintage furniture shopping, eating out, reading mags, reLAXing...
  • crossed off #26 (paint the front fence) on the 40 before 40 list with a mini working bee (thanks family!)
  • utterly challenged by a request to make a soft scalloped rusty spoon... several attempts later..
  • organised my magazine collection and cleaned out the bathroom cabinets  (#22 & #23 on 40 before 40 list)

  • finally stopped the denial and accepted that we have grown out of our car and will  not be able to fit 3 children with 3 car seats - purchased a people mover... I know I know.... never thought I'd be driving a bus!!
  • scored the vintage Tessa swivel armchair I have been dreaming of for the nursery .... more pics to come of the nursery when it's finished

  • getting into the new season of American Idol.... go James Durbin!

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Mainichi said...

Hello bump! Ahhh I'm still feeling the effects of that well deserved facial! Dx


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