Saturday, November 6, 2010

( old school ) library bag

There was no way I was heading to the school shop and buying one of those plastic library bags... no sirree... it had to be "old school" like my Mum made me. A little modern twist is fine but definitely gotta be home made.

Ruby announced last week that her new favourite colour is purple - thank goodness for that I muttered under my breath, as I am totally pinked out! Heading into my sewing room to check out the fabric stash this lovely old floral pillow case jumped out at me again. Purple requirement met.

The RUBY on the front is applied using an iron on transfer with a simple graphic I made in Photoshop, but you could use any software programme that enables you to make an image and print it. I had great success with these iron on transfers when I made Sachin's birthday t-shirt in December 2009, and after many many washes it is still going strong. I used this paper product which I found at my local Big W or Kmart - can't remember which one.

I fiddled with the drawstring a bit and created 4 button holes before hemming the top and threading the ribbon through. Time consuming yes (I hate doing button holes) but makes for a better finish that will last longer and won't fray. All made in under a couple of hours.

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