Saturday, September 11, 2010

memory cushion

I'm a sentimental person who finds it hard to depart with things that capture my memories. You know, birthday cards, notes, photos, kids drawings.... the list goes on. Ruby starts school next month (I know... where did that time go??) which feels like quite a milestone in this parenting journey. I've been looking through her art box and marvelling at the progression she has made in her first few years. To celebrate the end of her time as a pre-schooler I've made this cushion by embroidering (with running stitch on the machine) her first hand written words and a cat drawing for keepsakes.


Trula said...

I really like the idea of the cushion. It looks great. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Connie Cheung said...

I loved the idea of turning children's drawing into something for keepsake. You have done a great job!!! The cushion looks fantastic. It will be one of my future projects. :)


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