Monday, September 13, 2010

handmade birthday crown

I'm a big fan of Amanda Soule of SouleMama - so many things to like. In a nutshell, it's her creative parenting that I so admire. And she thinks outside the square. I have a copy of her first book, The Creative Family, sitting on my bedside table. Often, at the end of a difficult mothering day, I pick up her book and re fuel my Mummy Mojo for the next day. It really does work!!

One of her trademark projects is the Birthday Crown. It has taken me until birthday number 5 but finally Ruby donned her handmade Birthday Crown this year for her suitably themed Princess Party. It was a hit. I'm now looking forward to styling up another one for the little man of the house when his birthday comes around in December.

Happy 5th Birthday Ruby! xxx


Miss Val's Creations said...

Sweet crown! Ruby is adorable. She must have loved wearing this and being a princess for the day!

Mainichi said...

Fi what a great job you have done of Ruby's crown - its beautiful! Dx


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