Friday, May 21, 2010

on a roll

I felt a bit miffed that I had to cut short the Kids Clothes Week Challenge 'cause I was having so much fun with it. Then I realised that I could pretend the challenge was still going ... trick myself.... and keep making more kids clothes. I know... genius isn't it!

Last night I made this new winter skirt for Ruby using the Lazy Days skirt tutorial. I love this pattern as it is so easy and you can create a gazillion variations. I made this skirt longer than usual as it will most probably be dressed with boots. The fabric is a pre-hemmed curtain panel that I found in a bargain remnant bin. By re-using the already made hem the skirt was super easy as all I needed to do was create the waste band and embellish with the red velvet ribbon.

I spend a lot of time trying not to see an ever growing pile of mending which sits behind my sewing machine. They are boring jobs that don't get me enthused. Typically they sit there night after night as I start new more exciting projects. Last night after finishing the skirt I bit the bullet and made a start on that pile.

No matter how much or little effort I put into washing and soaking there are always tshirts & jumpers in the kids wardrobes with stains that won't budge. This tshirt is one of my favourites for Ruby as it fits well and goes with so many pants & skirts, but it has an ugly brown stain on the front. I cut flowers from an old piece of vintage cotton and used fusible web to iron them in place. Using a running stitch I machine sewed them on & embellished with buttons to make them look like they were always there. No too bad hey?

Of course I spent way to much time fixing an old tshirt that I could go and buy new for a few bucks but I'm sure that's not the point ;)


kim @ stellacake said...

Oooh - that skirt is pretty!

I too have a pile of mending - some things have been there so long Tom has outgrown them! Lucky (or not) there are two little brothers to hand them down to...

fede said...

Thanks Kim.
Great to hear I'm not the only one! I think "lucky" for the younger brothers... and lucky for you to have a great excuse :)

meg said...

the buttons make it extra awesome!

lorrin said...

love the skirt. can you make one for me too? i hear its pretty cold in oz! i can wear it with my boots and rubes and i can be twins! see you in just over a week. getting pretty excited about it. L

Gillian said...

That is my favourite stain removal technique also!

mel said...

This is perfect! Still has her favorite shirt AND it now has pretty little flowers!


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