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a decade of change | year 2000

I've been thinking a lot about this topic over the last couple of weeks. My brother and his wife welcomed their first child into the world, Ashton Jacob, on January 14th 2010.

A few nights later I was standing over the sink, where my thoughts often wander, and had this realisation. While scrubbing the white coloured chopping board I suddenly noticed how stained it was looking and reminisced about the time when I regularly bleached the chopping boards. Aaah, that other life I used to live (before I became a Mum). The life when I "thought" I was busy. If only I could go back to that life for a couple of days to feel what it's like from my new perspective. Does that make any sense?

So moving on, this got me thinking about my new nephew and the fact that he is of a new generation. A new decade. What do we call this decade? The teens? mmm

Now let me tell you this was going to be a looooooooooong post. Then I realised it was too long for one session so I'm going to post it as a series. Over the next few months I'm going to write about my last decade one year at a time.

I'd like to take this opportunity to daydream out aloud and create a record for future reading by myself and my family. Hopefully it may be a teeny bit interesting for you the reader - if not - I apologise and I hope you understand! Yes I am indeed being a tad indulgent.

So 2000 rolled around.

We were still kind of newly weds (married March 1999) but had been living together for several years (we had dated since Jan 1st 1991). On the 11th of February 2000 we purchased our first home together, a 2 bedroom 1970s townhouse with shag pile carpets and all. It was our first renovation project.

I was working in an office job which was extremely unfulfilling and at times stifling, but it was a means to an income as Dean had returned to 2 years of full time study. He had worked in the bank since leaving school and like me, was feeling a little crazy with boredom. He decided to change careers and complete a Bachelor of Information Systems, after already spending several years studying Accounting part time.

The creative me was at my happiest when performing with my friends in a local cover band called "Jellyhead".

We were a party band, covering top 40 hits through to 70's disco. We played at pubs, clubs and functions most weekends and had way too much fun hanging out together and pretending to be super rock stars!

Dean and I made wonderful, loving parents to Clive, our ginger cat from the animal shelter (who walked on 3 legs). He had the most quirky personality that even our cat loathing friends took a shine to him.

2000 was a year of attending weddings. If my memory is correct I think we attended 3 in one month at it's peak.

My hair went from short to a red bob to long and straight with no fringe.

Later that year I left my boring job for a role as a kitchen designer with a company I had already worked with on 2 previous occasions. In the past my role had involved way too much selling as I was paid on 100% commission (I designed fabulous kitchens that nobody could afford). This time they took me back on a salary. I was to design and manage joinery projects for builders and tender on commercial projects. It was a new role within the company which gave me a lot of scope to make it mine.

I really enjoyed this job but sometimes things are just not meant to be as something even better came along very quickly.

Only 2 months later I found myself employed as an Interior Designer with Cheeseman Architects, a family practice specializing in Education and Health projects. Whoa! What a learning curve. Before I could even make myself a coffee I was head down into redesigning a major hospital refurbishment in Adelaide (where it felt that I stayed for a long time). Not only that, I was presenting concepts to the CEO and hospital board members talking ever so confidently as if I had been doing it for years! Talk about a nerve wrecking experience. In hind sight though, this was the pivotal turning point in my career. It gave me a new confidence to know that someone believed enough in me to give me that opportunity.

Sadly I can't remember what we did for Xmas 2000. I will need to check in with the mother & mother-in-law to recall this one.

Stay tuned for 2001.

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