Monday, September 21, 2009

brick red

It may be Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere but I'm playing elsie marley's Fall Colour Week, and today is the first entry. She's based the challenge around the colours of Autumn using Crayola crayon names for a bit of a twist.

Monday: Brick Red (deep red)
Tuesday:Burnt Siena (a reddy orange, like the rooftops of Siena)
Wednesday: Goldenrod (warm, deep yellow)
Thursday: Chesnut (dark, warm brown)
Friday: Plum (like a plum, duh)


Carol said...

I came here via Elsie's blog.

Fab photo for Brick Red :-)


Stephanie said...

That is a really cool calendar. At first I thought the lower half was a reflection. cool pic. :)

Anonymous said...

You Aussies with your tricky seasons, gosh. :-D That is quite a stupendous red if I may say so. Love Crayons.

M and E said...

That is a very nice red, although I haven't a clue what that object is! Is it just a calendar, or a stamp or something???

kim said...

cute calender, great photo.

fede said...

thanks ladies! to answer your question M & E, the object is a calender but also a bits & bobs container - the sections come apart and it stores paperclips, pins & rubberbands. It's not really that practical but hey, it looks good on the shelf :)


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