Sunday, August 23, 2009

pyjama crafting

Oh I'm sorry did you think I meant crafting OF pyjamas? No no, just the glamorous act of crafting IN pyjamas. Yes. Very attractive.

We have a special event coming up in our family - Miss Ruby turns 4 on Wednesday. When given a choice of party themes she decided to go with UNDER THE SEA. Of course she had an ulterior motive with this idea. As a big fan of Ariel (the mermaid) this meant that Ruby could come dressed as her favourite character. I, Mum, in a moment of madness suggested we make her outfit together. Aaahh....I'm now feeling a little perplexed at the thought of coming up with a mermaid outfit that will not disappoint Miss Ruby and her expectations, but alas, Monday (tomorrow) is the day for Ariel creations. Wish me luck! I'll keep you posted.

Keeping with the theme, we have been getting crafty over the last couple of weeks making decorations for the party space. Most of our ideas have come from here - a fabulous weekly newsletter about crafting projects for kids.

This morning (in our pyjamas) we got busy making these jellyfish. We used my sewing scraps as the dangley legs and stuck them with tape onto plastic plates.

We also made these crabs out of kitchen sponges, pegs and pipe cleaners. We're waiting for the sponges to dry in the sun before we stick their eyes on.

Look out! This crab is about to snap your finger!!

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