Monday, August 24, 2009

mermaid wip

Hi all. Just a quick pop in to report today's progress. Kids are in the bath, potatoes are boiling and gotta get into my netball gear.

Apologies for the poor photo - it's dark and my flash doesn't work. Anyways, the skirt is almost there. I'm a bit stuck with the tail - this is the front view and the netting creates the tail at the back. The plan is that it trails along behind (yes I know it will be stepped on and probably ripped by the time the day is out - but hey! it will look good). We had to call it quits today when Ruby refused to try it on "just one more time honey". The perks of working with an almost 4 year old I guess :)

I'd also like to say welcome to those of you are visiting for the first time from Bloesem Kids. I hope you enjoyed my Open House Tour and interview with Brittni of papernstitch. It was a lot of fun and a good excuse to get our place into order (even if it only lasts a few days).


irene Hoofs said...

Hi Fiona,
Haven't had time to thank you yet for your lovely Open House Tour on B:Kids, your house is beautiful..irene... said...

hey there! i loved your house tour on B:Kids and think your toys are just adorable. i've been sending people your way, especially ones that are having babies soon!

fede said...

Thankyou so much ladies! It was an absolute joy to be involved in the Open House Tour on B:Kids - I'm very grateful for the opportunity to share our home and stories.

Pamdemske - you are a gem sending your baby makers in my direction - I promise to take really good care of them :)


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