Wednesday, February 25, 2009

having fun on flickr

That's where I've been lately. I just upgraded to a flickr pro account so now there is no limit to the number of photos I can upload.

Here's a bit of my activity.

THRIFTED. Ooooooh.... pretty happy with this find. Set of 6 vintage glass cup and saucers made in France. See more in Team Thrift

NEW BEDS. "...see Mum! This is what happens on my little bed"
Toddler beds to King Single beds - thank goodness they share a big room as these beds are HUGE. See more in "Go to your room!" Kids rooms at home

COFFEE TIME. When we renovated our kitchen my gift to myself was a coffee machine..... now I'm in heaven all day long.
Sadly my Harry Bertoia mesh stool is a copy - one day I may be able to afford the real deal ;)
See more in Mid Century Modern

CRAFT. I did my first bit of sewing with 3 year old daughter - she picked the fabrics (OK maybe I nudged her a little in the right direction) and she watched me put it together, in between sorting my cottons and playing with the pins!! She likes to keep her daily "favourite things" in the bag and hang it on her door. Sweet.
See more in Creative Parenting

OUT & ABOUT. Last weekend we went to Victor Harbour for a day, a coastal town about 1 hour road trip from home. It is where Dean & I first locked lips on New Years Eve of 1989 /90 - yeah yeah I know, too much information! See more in Outdoor Family & Friends Fun


Madeline said...

Sounds like you've been having fun! Love, love, love the thrift find cups, and your chair rocks even if it is a copy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona. Mel here. Dunno how to find your email address so I thought I would somehow find a way to say hi and whats your email and wondered if you all wanted to get coffee one day. i am very slack when it comes to keeping in contact with everyone.


Hope you are all well.


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