Friday, May 23, 2008

dirty colours...are just fine

I managed to grab a Treasury position last night on Etsy. For those who don't know, a Treasury is a collection of 12 items from different sellers that you choose to display for a couple of days. They can be viewed by anyone on the website. The Etsy staff select, at their choice, a handful of these Treasuries to sit on the front page each day. This is my collection of "dirty colours.....are just fine". I'm a bit of a sucker for these muted colours - they are so easy and comfortable.

Lots of Possibilities - Eshu (gumballs)

le caillou rose - letitiah (earrings)

Kite Shoulderbag - acajou (bag)

Zebra, 8x8 - esoule (zebra)

Gertrude the song bird - skunkboycreatures (bird)

Spring - rosiemusic (girl)

grow BABY grow set of 12 - Onsies culpepergeneral (baby)

Hat - sidneysidney (hat)

Garden Girl - riskybeads (green ring)

Branching Out wall graphic - ellynelly (birds)

Backpacking Pig (Limited Edition Print) - barkingbirdart

A Bowl of Gold Ring - rheta (silver ring)

Have to share this exciting news. Got up this morning to notice the Treasury made front page during my night..... sadly I didn't see it but hopefully the featured sellers made a few sales!!

1 comment:

letitiah said...

I made two, and scored a fair share of hearts :)

thanks so much for including me -- it's a lovely treasury!


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