Sunday, March 9, 2008

Todays experiment = DISASTER

Ok so it's probably not so cool to be sharing my flops, but I found this one particularly bad and worth a post. I've had this new idea in my head for a little girl's baby rattle in the form of a tree. I'd sketched a shape and liked the way it was organic and a-symmetrical. Here's a pictorial journey from the start to ...... mmmm.....not quite finish (it was so crap I couldn't even palm it off on my own kids). Feel free to "lol". I did.

Looking good so far. Fabrics selected and cut - shame to waste good fabric!

Still going well. I'm liking the contrasting satin stitch joining the tree top to the trunk. I'm now feeling excited about sewing it together and turning it inside out...this is always my favourite step as all the fabrics come together for the first time.

WARNING! WARNING! this is not looking good! What the hell is it???? mmmmmm...doesn't look much like a tree at this stage. So I think, maybe if I stuff it with polyester fill it will start to resemble the intended shape. Always an optimist.

STOP! Go no further. Now it looks like a strange kind of artichoke (perhaps I have a vivid imagination). So at this stage I have 2 screaming children wanting to be released from their bedrooms after day sleeps so I simply walk away and call it a day.

1. Don't be so impatient - create the first prototype in calico or scrap fabric rather than waste good stuff
2. Tight internal corners don't work so well - too much puckering. Must look into this and see if there is a technique to achieve a better finish
3. Weirdo artichokes are not a good look for baby rattle


Crafterella said...

It's not a disaster, it's a learning experience. Thank you for sharing this, I have a box or two full of mistakes (or what the heck was I thinking) and it's nice to see other crafters projects not always turning out perfect.

JammerSage said...

This is hilarious! I had a moment JUST like this the other day. Thanks for the laugh! Oh, and by the way - I still think it's cute! :)


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