Monday, October 8, 2012

this morning

Back to school today. First day of term 4.

Daylight savings started yesterday so no one (including me) wanted to get out of bed. 

Dad fixed it......


kim said...

Know how you guys feel. After my portrayal of mean mum yesterday ("No, you can't... Stop that") I switched to super cool mum today when we decided to have another Sunday, and we took the kids to visit some baby lambs and piglets on a farm instead of taking them to school. I wonder if we can get away with it again tomorrow? ;)

fede said...

Haha... I bet you are super cool mum 99% of the time!! holidays can b a test in patience for mums and kids alike ... sometimes I get to be super cool mum too when I let the kids leave school early - if I think they are dragging their feet I pick them up after lunch... they get sooooo excited and think I am ace ;) it's healthy to smell the roses every now and then and override the routine! farm vs school....mmmm.. I know which one I'd choose!

Chapter Forty said...

Whoever planned school holiday's end after day light saving time change clearly was NOT of the sleep deprived mother variety of human species.

The big jolt back into the rushed morning routine with 1 important hour of sleep less also felt over here


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