Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I just couldn't say no!

I took the opportunity this morning to read some fave blogs (which sadly I haven't done in waaaay too long) and up jumped Elsie Marley with her Kids Clothes Week Challenge Fall 2012. I've not participated for a while and itching to get back into it I said YES YES YES! Bring it on.

Spring is here and with it seems to come new energy - feels much like shedding an old lazy skin that grows over in the winter - if you know what I mean!! Additionally, summer clothes are quick and easy to make. This is an important factor now that I have three little people to please.

While I've been absent I have been collating lots of ideas on my Pinterest boards. I have a collection of bigger girls wear for Ruby (who just turned 7). Here are some of my summer favourite looks for her.

Then there is this board for boy looks for Sachin (who will soon be 6). I'm thinking I might try up-cycling some of Dad's T-shirts to make shorts or PJ's - inspired by these pants by Ffarmom

Last but certainly not least is the little girls style inspiration for Quinn (17 months). There's so many to choose from (and of course having an older sister she already has copious amounts of clothing) but these are some of my favourite summer looks.

Why don't you join me? All you need is a sewing machine and 1 hour each day.... tempted????

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meg said...

yay! so glad you're in!


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