Wednesday, November 16, 2011

just because it's not Halloween..

We know it's not Halloween... meh..missed that one (well we don't really celebrate it much here in Australia) but tonight after school we accidentally fell into a ghoulish type theme. Completely impromptu. On walking back to the car from school we passed a school mate's little brother with a Spiderman painted face. During our drive home it was decided that Mum would face paint this evening... and Mum begrudgingly agreed! Admittedly once we got started it was fun and I got into the spirit. I think the painted finger nails just topped it off and kept the customers happy.

On Monday I found out that a friend who I hadn't seen for a couple of years had passed away after being diagnosed with leukaemia only 8 months earlier. Like me, she had 3 children (almost identical ages) who have lost their devoted mother in the saddest of circumstances. She discovered her illness 3 weeks prior to giving birth to her youngest son and was consequently isolated from him for the first 3 months of his life. It has absolutely shocked me beyond belief that this could happen to a beautiful young woman in the prime of her life with so much love to give and receive from her growing family. It seems that almost everything I do throughout the day reminds me of Nicole and the loss that must be felt by her family. It's a reminder that life really must be lived each day to the fullest as you never know if it will be your last. On that note, I decided to take the kids bowling on Monday night after school which is not something we would usually do on a week night. As Nicole would have said, "it was ace!"  Rest in peace lovely lady.


Chapter Forty said...

How sad and tragic for the lives of that young family. It saddens me deeply to hear about children having to deal with the loss of their mother. As an adult its hard enough.

I am sure your friend would love that you are making the most of the time you have right now with your kids.

fede said...

It's a shame it takes something tragic to remind us of what is important. life's complexities and detail too often take us away from spending time with our loved ones. In the book "buddism for mothers" it talks about being in the moment - I really struggle with this concept - my mind is always thinking about the next task rather than enjoying the present. Practice makes perfect I guess :) We mums have high expectations of ourselves don't we?!?!


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