Sunday, October 23, 2011

my olive thumb

No longer a brown thumb, but not yet a green thumb. I'm describing myself as an olive thumb - according to wikepedia, olive is a kind of muddy green color. I'm learning to be a better gardener and thoroughly enjoying the process. I've lost my share of plants and there is sure to be more fatalities, but on the flip side, I can see some of my hard work thriving. Yay. I'm really appreciating spring from a new perspective and getting excited by the growth. I'm discovering that gardening is not for the impatient (unless you have loads of $$ to buy mature plants and trees) and also realising that I probably wouldn't want to do it that way even if I had the cash, as it has been rewarding watching it come together slowly. It's like a painting - evolving over time - responding to my moods and colour choices on different days. Several plants have already been moved or removed because they grow into the wrong shape, are too big, too small, or the wrong colour, or don't like the wind or not enough sun, or too much sun. Man! There is so much to think of! many wonderful things to learn.

Here's a pictorial journey of one of our projects in the south east corner of our yard. Our house sits smack bang in the middle of the plot so we have four distinct corners to landscape. We are slowly working our way around :)

february 2009 - looking back up at the house from the
south east corner of the yard

january 2009 - south east back corner of our yard
april 2009 - demolished the old shed and wall
july 2009 - new fences (not my favourite style but
to match existing)
may 2010 - new paving, retaining walls and turf
october 2010 - planting begins
september 2011 - planting continues

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