Sunday, September 25, 2011

and breath

I've had a couple of exhausting weeks - the type that wear you down. Suck your energy until there is none left. There have been tears and there have been tantrums - both from me and the kids! But you know that's all part of being a Mum - we suck it up and spit it out... yeah yeah... bring it on! 

We in our house are all hanging out for next weekend. It's a long one, and the start of the school holidays and our first foray into family camping (two children and a baby - no the dogs didn't get a guernsey this time...sorry boys). DH arrived home tonight after an 80 hour week at work (poor guy) so it will be just nice to see him! 

Hopefully this week there may be a little more interaction between me and my friend Bernina. I stood her up on several occasions last week in favour of trashy night time telly. Sorry babe. I don't know what I was thinking! However, I am now excited about Meg's next Kids Clothes Week Challenge coming up in October. If you'd like to spend a week making some mini clothes (or vicariously enjoy the process through others) head over to Elsie Marley to check it out.

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