Wednesday, March 30, 2011

express yourself

Miss Ruby is 5 and has inherited her mothers feisty temper. As an adult I have learned to control my blow (most of the time) but young Ruby is struggling to manage her emotions and frustrations. Just 2 terms into school, she is tired and over stimulated when she comes home which at times ends with irrational & angry behaviour.

Yesterday afternoon was one of those moments. Sent outside to cool down and have some time out, she found a way to express herself with her newly acquired written skills. Pavement and a piece of chalk.

"I do not like you Mum and you are the worst Mum I have. Goodbye"

After 10 minutes she came back inside and apologised for her outburst. At this stage I was unaware of her creative text.

Later in the evening after dinner Dean popped outside and found the message. Ruby started to giggle and realised the humour in what she had written. We all had a laugh and then she decided to make a couple of corrections.

Motherhood can be a tough gig...... but childhood can be tough too!

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Miss Val's Creations said...

This made me smile. What a great idea giving her the chaulk! It is a great way to vent and channel her energy. I love how she fixed it afterwards! ~Val


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