Monday, July 26, 2010

no masterchef here

OK so I know the whole Masterchef thing has been big but I'm afraid I missed the boat (unusual as I admit to having a weakness for reality TV). I love to cook (driven by my love to eat) and I seem to have hit a phase of preparing something different every night and even taking time to think about it early in the day. So much so that my darling husband recently commented on such - which of course only egged me on even more (wise man).

In my cockiness I thought I'd share tonight's evening meal with you. Crispy cauliflower and fish bake.

I started by taking this photo. Did I mention cockiness? Well yes, let's just say that it all went downhill from here. 

Kids were in the bath. The dish turned out to have more processes than expected... kids still in the bath.... kids screaming in the bath..... mum madly trying to drain the cauliflower & milk in a hurry....spilt milk all over bench (and camera on bench).... now mum & kids all screaming!!

Dad arrives home from work. Dad fixes kids. Dad brings wine home. We love Dad.

Dinner gets served. Dad says yuck. Mum says yuck. Sachin says yuck. Ruby enjoys her chicken strips (non fish eater). We all watch her in envy.

To make it worse last nights dinner was also a disaster. After a day weeding in the garden I made a quick run to the supermarket to grab milk. In my tired state I weakened and purchased a "Chicken Tonight" and noodles thinking it would be a quick fix for dinner. Now let me say the last dish of this kind I ate was probably at least 10 years ago. All I can assume is that my taste buds have grown up as it was not edible! It was like covering your food in liquid plastic... and if that's not bad enough why not throw in a cup of sugar!! Even the kids pushed their plates away.

Must find that cooking mojo again. If you see it please tell it to get home.... :)

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