Monday, December 14, 2009

baking tray printing

If you are a parent or carer at home with pre-schoolers (or even schoolers now that the holidays have started) and looking for creative activities to keep them occupied then look here for a multitude of ideas by Amber, a clever mum with her own "two little craftmonkeys". You can even sign up and have weekly inspiration popped into your inbox. Too easy.

Today we made our own hand printed Christmas Cards using this tutorial. Ruby (who is 4) was able to do most of this on her own with just a little assistance. She was just beaming with a sense of achievement at the end.

The thing I like about this activity is that other than a paint roller (which we purchased at the local hardware store for a couple of dollars) everything else you will need is probably in your house. This is good for me as I tend to do things on the spur of the moment with little (ok honestly usually no) forward planning. Yes Mum.... nothing has changed! Often my ways lead me to creative thinking as I'm left to find substitutes for ingredients or materials I don't have at hand. This has resulted in some disasters along the way but also made the making fun and the end product uniquely ours.


Chloe' said...

What a cool idea! I can see the boys enjoying that :o) We're Very into Play Doh at the moment though!

Just wanted to let you know.. Your Gorgeous baby rattle arrived here safely today (^_^)

Cant wait to give it to the little man!

Thankyou again!!


Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing that link. We are fast approaching holiday time and I will need some fun ideas to get us through. The hand printed cards look fantastic :)


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