Monday, September 14, 2009

shirt cushion

Sometimes in life you meet people you feel somehow connected to - maybe a past life? Who knows. Anyway, for me, that person is a friend called Clara. We crossed paths when our first children were born in Melbourne and we joined the new local mothers group. While both living away from our families (Clara more removed than I with her home in Argentina) we found a similar void that needed to be filled. Our little families grew close and we subsequently had our second children around the same time too. Sadly for me, Clara returned to Argentina a couple of years ago to be with her family. I miss her dearly and will always remember fondly the special time in our lives we shared together.

Before she left Australia she gave me an old shirt (for fabric) which had been a favourite but had passed it's use by date. It has only taken me a couple of years but finally I have made this shirt into a cushion for her belated birthday present. Just 3 more buttons to sew and it will be on it's way to Buenos Aires.

The back of the cushion is the shirt front (button holes & pocket)

However, I've been deliberating whether of not to applique a little blue kangaroo onto the bottom of the front RH panel (as a reminder of her time here in Australia). Is this too tacky? Should I do it or not?


Bird Bath said...

what a great cushion and recycling story! I think a little applique sounds good - maybe a boomerang?

Mainichi said...

I say go for it Fi, something to remind her of Oz would be very cool. Dx


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