Thursday, August 27, 2009

play kitchens

DIY kitchen by Mamma Americana seen on Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh

Erika of Miko Design made this colourful play kitchen for her girls

Maya's Playhouse seen on Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh

Aren't these just wonderful! I found myself getting so excited about the thought of making a play kitchen for Ruby's birthday, but then reality stepped in and I realised how time poor we are. Damn that! Once I got over my disappointment I started to search for a readily made one that

1. was not plastic
2. was not gender specific
3. looked like the real thing
4. could be added to later on

This is what we found.

The Duktig Play Kitchen from Ikea

For those of you in Australia, it's not on the Ikea website but is in store if you ask. You can buy the base on it's own or add the top section with the microwave as a extra. I put it together myself while watching "Packed to the Rafters" in a couple of hours. The legs are height adjustable in 3 increments so it can grow with the child.
Here's a few pics of Miss Ruby's 4th birthday yesterday

Also, Happy Birthday to Auntie Lorrin on the other side of the world in Botswana (we hope these pics will make you & H feel like you were here with us yesterday).

You can read all about her adventurous travels here


Ariel said...

wonderful!!! I see this kitchen in Ikea store...and I stay to admire "her" an half hour! I plan to buy one too!!!!thefore my girl is still too young!!! Just 17months old ...!!!

erika said...

I think the Ikea kitchen is great, and you can dress it up as you like! Congratulations on your daughters birthday, 4 is a great age ;-)

fede said...

thanks ladies! Ariel - don't worry your daughter will be 4 before you know it - it just goes so quickly!! too quickly :)


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