Thursday, August 6, 2009

I've been...

....enjoying the sun on my skin in lovely Brisbane. A quick unplanned 5 nights in Queensland to spend some time with husband who was working up there.

If you were wondering (picture above number 3 on top of his RH foot), yes he does number his socks! He has about 5 pairs of identical running socks of varying age that I struggle to pair together - he thoughtfully numbered them to make it easier :)

So anyway, I haven't been to Brisbane for several years and must say I was amazed by the amount of construction going on (including the 6am jackhammer outside our hotel window). The city felt alive and kicking - something that winter lacks down south here where most of us tend to hide indoors.

We loved the Queensland & Scienceworks Museums (so much so we spent 2 days there)

and couldn't resist visiting the late Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo, or Bindi's Zoo as it is referred to in our family.

Then a couple of days at Southbank where the mid-20 degree weather was perfect for swims and walks and that finished our time in sunny Brisbane.

Batteries re-charged.

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Hot Fudge said...

Glad you had such an enjoyable time in our city, apart from the jackhammers, of course. We're taking a breather of our own - off to the UK and Europe for six weeks. We haven't been there for 16 years, so we're a little excited, as you can imagine.


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