Monday, July 27, 2009

it's raining it's pouring

It's always hard to come back when it's been so long. Where do I start? Which bits should I share? I could start by saying my life is finally back to an enjoyable pace. After the crazy whirlwind of the past year it's time to smell the roses again.

Winter in Adelaide has been wonderfully wet wet wet. It's the most rain we've had in 20 or so years. Nothing beats being at home in a warm house with the rain beating on the tin roof. Plenty of time for cooking, baking, drawing, pasting, sewing, re-arranging, un-packing, sorting, organizing, puzzling and playing, all of which we have done plenty.

Oops, just looked at the clock and must dash for the pre-school pick-up.

I'll drop back in later to post the recipes for the gingerbread biscuits and marmalade.
Sorry about the poor quality of the photos - I think I've uploaded them strangely.... how quickly one forgets!!

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