Sunday, April 5, 2009

sewing for my slinky boys

I decided at 10pm one evening that I really must make the boys (our 6 year old Whippets) a new bed. It had been at the back of my mind for a few weeks but suddenly became necessary (borderline urgent) right then and there. Why? Not sure exactly myself but nevertheless I bounced off the couch and hit the sewing room with way too much enthusiasm for that time of night!

1:30am rolled around and the cushion was complete. Standing back I admired my handy work and with the new creation under arm, headed off to the bedroom to show the boys their new bed. I got the "yeah...whatever" reaction. Maybe it will take a while for them to appreciate the love that went into crafting this textile masterpiece (lol) ..... waiting..... waiting.....

After a few days I thought maybe this might give them the hint.......

..........but still no Whippet action.

Another few days went by
and then this

Atleast the cat knows a good bed when he sees one!


Jo said...

Oh that's a great last picture! Although I have to say that our cat would have been on there within 5 minutes!
Lovely cushion too!

Madeline said...

Very chic! The cat has good taste at least.


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