Friday, April 3, 2009

making a house a home

I've been a busy little beaver and have so many things to post about, but d'oh! they remain in my head. I know, time management is not one of my strengths. I have this plan that one day when I have a block of quiet time I will write up multiple posts and store them for future sharing. This way, in theory, I am more likely to pop in regularly.

Renovation Update.

Progress on the house has been slow since Xmas. We had a Dec 28 deadline as we hosted a surprise 60th birthday party for Dean's Mum. Once we got to that point it was phiew! Time to relax, have a beer and enjoy the holiday fun. So that is what we did.

Then this year rolled around and the momentum slowed down. The inside is 80% there and we're loving it! The outside still represents a building site. Retaining walls, fencing, screening, paving, automatic gate, balustrades, landscaping and planting are all in the pipeline.

Original marble fireplace, exposed brick and built in cabinets

Kriesler Stereophonic (belonged to my grandparents)
the room behind is waiting for full height bookshelves

found this shower curtain here

who's bed? linen from here

a vintage find with some of my favourite things

Off to blog-land now to find a little Easter craft inspiration. I'll be back next to post some of my recent creations, including the Whippet boys new bed and a very colourful snake... woo hoo.... I bet you can't wait!!!


Hot Fudge said...

I like what you have done with the interior of your home Fiona. What really stopped me in my tracks though was the Kriesler Stereophonic. I bought one (paid it off over a year) when I was very young back in the Sixties. It almost brought a tear to the eye to see it again. Oh, and I love your shower curtain.

fede said...

Well thankyou very much Robyn. How funny about the Kriesler Stereophonic - I know it was always a treasured piece of furniture in my grandparents house - I grew up listening to Patsy Biscoe on this one! (I think only fellow Aussies will recognise that name).

And yes I too looove my shower curtain.... it's like visiting Europe each morning before Brekkie :)

Aunt Spicy said...

It looks FABULOUS! I adore the all turned out so well!

Mainichi said...

Fe welcome back to blog land, I've been missing your posts! You sure made up for it. The house looks fab hope to see it in person soon!

Bird Bath said...

your home is looking wonderful! Must be good to finally have it feeling comfy and finished.


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