Sunday, April 12, 2009

15 easter eggs + 1 blob

Yep, 15 eggs finished just in time.

This project did admittedly involve a little trial and error on my behalf - no reflection on Retro Mama's pattern - but I got there in the end. My Nana's egg (version 1 AKA blob) just happened to be first cab off the rank (no preferential treatment I promise) and to say the least it did not in any way resemble an egg. Here's proof. Feel free to laugh..... I did!

After some tweaking & experimenting with the shape and filling mix I finished up with these groovy eggs. Initially the plan was to fill with rice but this was too heavy and distorted the shape. I found a mix of rice and polyester fill more successful and spiced it up with essential oil for the ladies and cardamon spice for the gentlemen.

So I shall merrily do the rounds at the family picnic today (with Easter basket swinging from my arm) and hand out my groovy eggs that were made with Easter love.


deb did it said...

sew lovely! I love the way you stuffed them with different scents! What lucky recipients to receive one of your eggs

tangled stitch said...

They are really beautiful! Happy Easter! Great Job.

Madeline said...

What little beauties! Happy Easter!

mikodesign said...

These are so great, I see some fabrics that I knw ;-))))

fede said...

thanks guys! mikodesign - I love using your fabrics - they are so perfect for my baby toys - fun & quirky!! I think I might need to drop by your shop again soon :)


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